Stretching with ease for a pain free back

The Little Pocket Book of Stretching with Ease for a Pain-Free Back

Linda Minarik

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Back pain is extremely common amongst adults and can often be debilitating. With this handy little pocket guide, you can learn to avoid and treat back injury with a range of simple stretches.

There are stretches for your lower and upper back, all with photographs and detailed instructions so you can try the exercises safely and effectively, as well as stretches for the abdominals, hips and thighs, all of which can help provide relief for back pain. The sequences section will help you incorporate these stretches into your daily routine, and help to target the most common problems, such as prolonged sitting or driving. In such a handy pocket size you can take this little book wherever you go, to help you live a happier, healthier life, free from back pain.