Mindfulness and Sleep

Mindfulness and Sleep

Anna Black

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How to improve your sleep quality through practicing mindfulness

Millions of us will lie awake at night, struggling to sleep. It is often a vicious cycle, where we worry about being awake and end up increasing our trouble sleeping. In Mindfulness and Sleep Anna Black draws on her own experiences with insomnia to help you to change your relationship with sleep through mindfulness meditation. By understanding and managing your sleeping troubles you can reduce the anxiety of not sleeping and becoming more accepting of being awake, allowing you to get some rest even if you are not sleeping.

Starting with a chapter on the importance of sleep, as well as an introduction to the practice of mindfulness, you can then choose from a range of meditation practices and activities that can help to improve the quality of your sleep, from daily practices to help reduce your overall stress, to practices that can be done if you are awake in the night or having trouble falling asleep. Also included is a sleep diary, to help you observe your sleep patterns and discover what affects your sleep.