Mindfulness & Grief

Mindfulness and Grief

Heather Stang

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With guided meditations to calm your mind and restore your spirit

In this book, Heather Stang, who has a Masters in Thanatology, applies the mindfulness theories to grief to help those who are grieving to navigate their way through difficult times. Over the course of the book, Heather takes you through 8 weekly mindfulness topics, from Mindful Awareness to Allowing Transformation, offering guided meditations for grief and loss to help relieve not only the mental strain but also physical symptoms of grief.

You can move though the book at your own pace, focusing on the aspects that work best for you, whether that be guided relaxations, mindfulness meditations or mindful journaling. The practices applied in this book can help for many types of loss, whether it is the death of a loved one, divorce or health-related losses, but with mindfulness you can help to return your body to a state of balance while honoring your grief process.