Mindful Beads

Mindful Beads

Alice Peck

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20 inspiring ideas for stringing and personalizing your own mala and prayer beads, plus their meanings

String of beads have long been a universal way to express yourself. For many people and many beliefs, they are tangible symbol of connection and can express everything from love and loss to celebration and meditation.

In this book, discover the meaning behind 20 different types of beads, from traditional Tibetan malas and Greek worry beads, to healing crystals and chakra bracelets and learn how make your own string your own bracelets, malas, rosaries and necklaces, giving them a significance personal to you. Each project comes with a detailed explanation of the history and symbolism of the beads, as well as suggesting ways you can use your own beads to meditate and connect. There’s also handy tips for how to tie knots, make paper beads and where to buy your beads so you can start making straight away.