Mandalas and Meditations

Mandalas & Meditations for Everyday Living

Cassandra Lorius

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52 pathways to mindfulness

The circular pattern of a mandala has existed in nature since the beginning of time and is used in many cultures as part of a spiritual approach to self-development, healing and growth. Combining meditation with a mandala can help to bring clarity to your practice, offering a visual focus for your thoughts and feelings.

With this practical and gorgeous guide you will learn about the types of mandalas and their meanings as well as how to meditate with mandalas and how to make your own personalized mandala. There are then 52 beautifully illustrated mandalas to inspire you, whether you are looking to find your creativity, balance your chakras or boost your self-esteem. Each mandala comes with it’s own specific meditation exercise to help you take your own journey to inner peace and power.