How to be Creative

How to be Creative

Liz Dean

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Rediscover your creativity and live the life you truly want

We’re all creative. It’s what we did naturally as children, yet, for most of us as adults, being creative can take a back seat to all the responsibilities of work and home life. However the benefits of taking the time to be creative can be seen across all aspects of life: we can become more effective and productive in our careers and more communicative in our relationships, and, above all, reconnect with our authentic selves.

In this beautifully illustrated book, Liz Dean shows you simple ways to be more creative in life, with chapters focusing on creative play, creative problem-solving and the importance of making time to be creative. With over 40 creative exercises, stories and lists of ways to be creative everyday, you will re-learn how to think creatively and innovatively, improving not just your imagination but your overall health and happiness.