Cheryl Saban's Guide to a Happy and Mindful Life

Cheryl Saban's Guide to a Happy and Mindful Life


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A beautifully illustrated pocket-size gift book that explores the experience of mindfulness to help you to find happiness and contentment.

Though it can sometimes feel out of reach, a major proportion of your ability to be happy is entirely up to you. Through practicing mindfulness it's possible to attract positive experiences into your life by purposefully choosing to be happy.

This wise little book shows you how to find happiness through mindful living, with the words and affirmations of people of all ages, teamed with timeless quotations from great writers and philosophers. With chapters on Connections, Wellbeing, Gratitude, Friends, Partnerships, Marriage, Nurturing and Celebrating, some of the tips are fun, some are more serious, some are deeply moving, others will raise a smile.