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MindfulnessETC.com is brought to you by Ryland Peters & Small and CICO Books.
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MindfulnessETC Books

Our Mission

We aim to publish beautiful books that advise, enlighten, and inspire you on your journey towards a happy, healthy and mindful life.

On this community site and our social media channels, we aim to post inspiration, meditations and activities to encourage mindful living - from eating and exercise to healing and spirituality.

Our Name

We started our mind, body, spirit and health community with the name Mindful Living which was well-suited to our mindulness, wellness, health and fitness titles.

But after further thought we realized that mindfulness is just one topic in a wide range of MBS books that we publish. We wanted a name that said 'Mindful Living and Much Much More'.

So MindfulnessETC was born.

Contact Us

With a new website and social media channels, we are keen to hear any feedback (good, bad or both!) and would love to start a conversation.


You can get in touch via Facebook, Instagram, post or email: 

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Email: hello@mindfulnessetc.com 


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If you have a book proposal that you think will fit within our Mind, Body, Spirit, and Health list, please email enquiries@rps.co.uk.

Your message should include the following:

a covering letter and synopsis

a list of contents

a bit about yourself as the author(s)

If possible, please also provide a sample chapter (no complete manuscripts please) so that we can get an idea of your writing style and what content/range of recipes/activities your book will include.

Please do not email files over 1 MB as they will be blocked by our email server. Please note that materials received in the post cannot be returned, even if a stamped addressed envelope is included. Unfortunately, it is not possible for our editorial department to offer individual feedback on all proposals submitted. If your idea is of interest to us we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Should you not receive a response within 4–6 weeks I’m afraid this indicates that your idea is not suitable for our list and we do not wish to pursue it.

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