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How To Practice Mindfulness Each Day

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We live in a hectic world. One moment you are running an errand, the other moment you are doing an assignment. You plan your day’s activities while listening to some music. We rarely take time to think about our feelings at a particular moment.

woman loving the dayMissing out on what we feel or what is in our vicinity may cause you to be ungrateful and unhappy. You will find that the minute you start focusing on the moment and think about the little things that are going right in your life, you become happier.

Everyone is so focused on chasing new goals for the future, thinking that attaining their goals will give them the most satisfaction, only to find that they are not as happy as they thought they would be. Mindfulness is about living in the moment and appreciating where you are at the moment without judging yourself harshly. Below are some ideas on how to practice mindfulness.

Find Time And A Peaceful Environment

The first thing you need to do is create a space for you to relax. If possible, ensure that the place is peaceful since you want to avoid any distractions. Surrounding yourself with nature will help you feel better.

You don’t need complex items like a cushion or a bench. You can make use of your mat or even sit on the grass, and you are good to go. For you to be able to connect with your senses, you need a few minutes of uninterrupted time. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Choose a time when you are sure you do not have urgent errands to attend to.


A simple act of breathing in and out is a form of meditation. Since breathing occurs naturally, you will realize that once you pay attention to it, it takes you away from the mind and shifts your attention to your body. You get to focus less on the worries and fears that cripple your mind and focus on other things that matter.

As you breathe, feel your belly rise and fall and pay attention to every sensation. You can either close your eyes as you take a deep breath or even focus on a particular spot. This ensures that you concentrate. If you find your mind wandering, carefully change your focus. Remind yourself of who you are and appreciate some of the milestones in your life.

Avoid Gadgets When You Wake Up

With the new generation, everything revolves around technology. People are so focused on their phones such that they don’t even take time to think about whatever is happening in their lives. They get distracted easily, and this contributes a lot to lack of mindfulness.

When you wake up, try not to check your emails or other social media profiles. Start by planning your day, go for a run outside or even run on the treadmill. Exercises have a way of making you feel calm and relaxed, and this helps you to pay attention to the things around you.

Mindfulness is not easy since it requires your full attention. It is, however, essential to practice it because it reduces anxiety and makes you appreciate the little thing in life. If you do not know how to practice mindfulness, consider these tips mentioned above. You will not regret it.

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