Yoga for Anxiety

From balancing poses to breathing exercises, yoga can help to draw us into the present moment and away from the distracting chatter of the mind.

In small doses, anxiety can be a normal part of life for many of us, but the inner turmoil, muscular tension, mental exhaustion, and general nervousness that are characteristic of anxiety are no fun in any size. Yoga works beautifully for assuaging anxious moments in life; and can also be a powerful supplement as part of a comprehensive treatment for more severe situations. 

In this short yoga video, Christine Burke, author of The Yoga Healer and owner of Liberation Yoga Studio in LA, takes you through three simple yoga moves to keep anxious thoughts at bay. 

Yoga can be used for many ailments of the mind and the resulting physical tension that we feel in the body. Find more yoga remedies in The Yoga Healer by Christine Burke.


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