What to expect with the Moon in Leo

With the lunar eclipse tomorrow and the moon currently in the Zodiac sign of Leo, the fiery energy is certainly running high! So we’ve turned to astrologer Heather Roan Robbins to help us navigate our day with the moon in Leo and capture the energy of the Super Full Moon.


A fixed fire sign, Leo’s generosity, charisma, and drama are symbolized by a proud, strong, dominant lion.

The mood under a Leo Moon

Open-hearted, generous, romantic, stubborn, and expressive. Our energy level can be catlike—we may prefer lazy stretches in the sunlight interspersed with great bursts of energy when we’re emotionally engaged. We want to shine, to be appreciated, and may dress more dramatically than usual, with color and flair. Public interactions can feel like improvisational theater. Dinner can become a party, and a party can be legendary. We may speak melodramatically to get our story across, but we really want to be understood. The Leo Moon encourages our generosity once we understand what’s needed, but it can be challenging to get out of our own perspective and empathically walk in another’s shoes.



Ignore or take your beloved for granted, and you will get in trouble. Share the spotlight rather than compete for it; take turns in the center lights. Let him feel your heart shining. Feel free to dress up or show off. We like to be proud of our companions under the Leo Moon and we like them to be proud of us. It’s a wonderful night for dinner and dancing, but even mundane meals can be made special with a little extra attention. All your beloved really needs is to feel special in your eyes. If only for a few minutes, put him at the center of your world, ask about his day, and tell him a few things you honestly appreciate about him.



Hold in your heart the thought, “May I be happy, may I find joy, may I refrain from whatever prevents happiness.” Then hold in your heart the same thought about a dearly beloved. Do the same for a friend, for a colleague, for a relative stranger, for starving children, for a world leader, for dangerous people or an enemy. Let your heart shine out to the whole world, and then bring that attention back to yourself.


Things to do

The Leo Moon brings an extra spark to performance, so schedule any presentation for this time, knowing you can pull it off with unusual flair and panache. Go see music or the performing arts. Show your boss how your work contributes to overall success, and ask for a raise. Tell a story. Do an interview and help someone tell their story. Compete with your own personal best. Promote. Help others feel special and appreciated, whether they are lover, client, or friend. Practice gratitude. Do anything that engages this temporary extroverted spirit; socialize, make a grand entrance, take dance lessons, go on a first date. Engage the leonine creativity to arrange, design, and celebrate. Celebrate each other’s achievements at a family dinner.



Cultivate, harvest, tend the flowers, work on the garden’s design, and make sure plants get enough sunlight.



Ego clashes: We get easily miffed if we feel ignored or underestimated. Teamwork can suffer from individual grandstanding. Pride can trip us up or blind us to another’s perspective.

Unnecessary drama: Ordinary chores can be a challenge. We can start trouble if we’re bored or the world seems too mundane. We can speak in hyperbole if ordinary words just don’t encompass the enormity of our feelings. Trust that a simple story can speak volumes.

Self-centeredness: A gift from the Leo Moon can be the sense that “I am the center of the universe, and so are you.” The challenge can be the attitude that “I am the center of the universe, and you are not.”

Manipulation: We can be manipulative just because it helps us to feel alive and powerful. We can be manipulated by effulgent complements.

Stubbornness: We are open-minded when excited and feeling appreciated, but if directly opposed, we can really dig in our heels. Consider putting any ongoing argument aside and say, “I still disagree with you but care about you anyway.” Rebuild connection, and tackle the problem again in a few days’ time.

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