What to expect from a Solar Eclipse

On the 21st August the world will witness a solar eclipse, where the moon passes between the earth and the sun. So what changes should we expect from this a rare celestial event…

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The mechanics of an eclipse

The Moon usually appears a little north or south of the Sun’s orbit because the plane of its orbit is tilted compared with the Earth’s plane. The points where these two planes meet are called the lunar nodes. Twice a year, the Sun, Moon, and Earth align along the lunar nodes in such a straight line that the New Moon covers the face of the Sun and we have an eclipse. At the Full Moon, before or after the solar eclipse the Earth’s shadow covers the Moon and we have a lunar eclipse.


Think of an eclipse as a form of astrological acupuncture that can unblock energy flow and precipitate events that were already ripening. A superfocused New Moon or Full Moon concentrate their energy like a laser beam, and when an eclipse hits close to an important place in our personal chart, what was stuck becomes unstuck. Opportunities arise, although we may swear at the time. An element of our life, whether a person, thing, or idea, may be eclipsed and we have to let go. Like deadwood pruned from a tree, this creates room for new growth. The changes nudged along by an eclipse can be surprising, often uncomfortable, yet sometimes wonderful. In retrospect, we can usually see how important or inevitable these changes were.

A solar eclipse (super New Moon)

This is a potent and directed force. If a solar eclipse occurs in the same sign as your Sun, Moon, or other planets, you may get an opportunity to start a new cycle that brings fresh honesty and integrity to your situation, whether you like it or not.

Example of a classic solar eclipse event: Evelyn hated her insurance job but felt she had to stay for security’s sake. As a solar eclipse approached her Moon, she accidentally forwarded a cartoon critical of the boss, to her boss. With a twitch of her finger she lost her job, gave up a dead-end illusion of security, and created the room to go back to school to pursue veterinary medicine, her heart’s real desire.


This extract has been taken from Moon Wisdom by Heather Roan Robbins.


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