What is the role of a Guardian Angel?

As today is national Be an Angel Day we’re thinking about ways that we can be helpful or kind to someone else; whether that involves stopping to help a stranger in the street, or simply making a cup of tea for someone that’s had a busy week. Thinking about putting other people first always gives us a warm feeling, but it’s also good to know who is there looking out for us.

Your Guardian Angel is always around and you can learn how to recognize the presence of your angel in the beautiful new book, Do You Know Your Guardian Angel? by Jacky Newcomb. Today we’ve got an extract from the book to share with you – What is the Role of a Guardian Angel? – to help you realise the loving support and helpful guidance that your Angel offers.

Do you know your guardian angel

What is the Role of a Guardian Angel?

The traditional role of angels is as protectors and guides and their role is really very similar today.

There have always been stories about angels helping people but, unlike today, when we can look up angels on the Internet and read about them in books, it may have been harder to find something relevant to everyday life in days gone by. We can judge their roles today by reading of other people’s angel experiences and the stories seem to fall into various categories.

* Angels guide us to meet the people who can help us or set us on the right path.

* They lift us physically out of danger or get a stranger (an angel in disguise?) to distract us so that we avoid an unexpected hazard.

* They bring people (angels again?) to speak to us and comfort us. Stories persist of strangers stopping to share helpful words and guidance at appropriate times.

* They bring useful people to us when we’re in trouble. I’ve collected numerous stories about people being helped by random folk who seem to have the perfect equipment to fix their car on the deserted country road or offer food, money, or shelter unexpectedly. These people often disappear as quickly as they arrived, usually before they can be thanked.

* A confident “person” protects us from a threatening individual either by appearing bigger and more powerful or by just barring the way from the menace.

* Angels leave us signs to guide us to our next step

* They comfort us by bringing sounds, scents, lights, or even physical objects, or by surrounding us with a loving, peaceful energy or touch.

* They may escort deceased loved ones to us (in visions and dreams) to reassure us, or bring through the voice of a deceased family member whose warning may startle us to action more quickly—STOP, SLOW DOWN, for example.


To learn more about your Guardian Angel, check out Do You Know Your Guardian Angel by Jacky Newcomb.


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