Trusting the Signs of an Angel

It may come as a reassurance to think that we all have a life path. If you are feeling lost on your way or are beginning to question the path that you have taken, then the angels will be there to guide you forwards. Liz Dean and Jayne Wallace, authors of the new book 44 ways to talk to your Angels, will help you to connect with your angels in love and healing.

First you must recognize and trust signs from the angels - including signs that you may have experienced before - so here are Liz and Jayne to talk you through it. Ladies, over to you...

44 ways to talk to angels

Angels want to talk to you in your everyday world to help and guide you along your true path, and they often do this through angelic signs and symbols.

When you see a feather on the pavement on its own, rather than in a park, or perhaps a tiny butterfly winging its way past your tenth-floor office window, or a cloud formation that seems meaningful, your angels are connecting with you. You might get a tingling sensation on one side, sometimes just on the scalp or hand, or over your whole body. Those who are guided by angels describe this as a buildup of excitement, the feeling that something intense is about to happen. You may feel a strong certainty about a decision you need to make, or the urge to make a call to someone for no logical reason. These experiences, and many more like them, mean that your angels are guiding you to follow your feelings, rather than what you think you should be doing. Decisions you make according to your heart will take you on the next step of your journey. As messengers of Spirit, God, the Source, the universe, the “All That Is”— angels connect you with your soul purpose.

Winged creatures are often a sign of spirit and your angels drawing closer to you. Not every bird or butterfly is an angelic sign; only the ones you really notice. Your noticing means that you are attuning to angelic energies, and once you notice one angel sign, it feels easy and natural to notice more. However, if you think too much about seeing angels and consciously look for signs, you may temporarily lose your link with your angels because your thoughts are overtaking your feelings and senses. Trust that when angels are ready to communicate with you, you will naturally notice their signs without having to try too hard. You don’t need to take responsibility; your angels will get their message through.

44 ways to talk to your angels


  • Sensation: Tingling on your skin, or the sensation of cobwebs in your hair
  • Thought communication: People around you saying the word “angel/s,” or seeing it on social media
  • Noticing the word “angel” in book titles and other media
  • Seeing feathers where you wouldn’t expect them
  • Repeating numbers or number patterns, and the number 44
  • Seeing “flash” images that don’t feel part of you
  • Finding pennies in the street
  • A high-pitched buzzing in your ears before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning. This is also associated with a rise in consciousness. If you find it too loud, ask your guardian angel (see the book) to turn down the volume!
  • Getting messages from Earth Angels

As you practice working with your angels, you will get to know their signs as ways to communicate with you.


Extracted from 44 Ways to talk to your Angels by Liz Dean and Jayne Wallace.

If this blogpost strikes a chord with you, then you may want to read more from Liz and Jayne to learn about the angels and the ways in which you can connect with them. The book is available here or visit their websites (Liz's websiteJayne's website).



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