Taurus Sun Sign

Taurus (April 21–May 21)

Symbol: The Bull

Ruling Planet: Venus

Element and Mode: Fixed Earth

Key phrase: I possess

Taurus Glyph

In a nutshell:






risk averse

Spot the Taurus

Taurus rules the neck. You will occasionally come across the long swan variety, but more usually Taureans are distinguishable by the short, muscular “bull” neck atop broad shoulders. Their faces bear an uncanny resemblance to cows, in the nicest possible sense. Look for the bovine square face, the gentle eyes, the placid expression, and that thoughtful look that they adopt as they chew the cud.

The men tend to be typically masculine with strong solid bodies, barrel-chested, and with pronounced square chins. The women can be either stocky or tall but are usually exceptionally feminine—look for the ribbons and bows. When untroubled, both sexes ooze serenity, softness, and sensuality. You will occasionally come across a skinny, wiry Taurean, but more usually they tend to have slow metabolisms, they love their food and battle with their weight. Taurus also rules the throat, so listen for the slow, rich, resonant, earthy, or gravelly voice.

The Taurus Nature

The typical Taurus nature is steady and unhurried. Patient, kind, and good-natured, their approach is slow, deliberate, and they tend to be risk averse. They are usually at their best when able to do things in their own way and in their own time, or if arrangements are made with plenty of advance warning. On a bad day, they are slow to the point of inertia, lazy, or just plain obstinate. If you try to rush them, they will dig their heels in even deeper. When goaded, which usually takes extreme provocation, you will see the steely glint in the eye or witness the raging bull in full explosion. Clear a half-mile radius and leave them well alone for up to three days.

When dealing with a crisis, however, this sign has a reputation for staying serene under pressure. They generally will not get steamed up about their own issues or on anyone else’s behalf. They have huge reserves of common sense and will click into sensible mode and deal with matters in a hands-on way. Tolerance and droll humor are their saving graces, and they can be hilariously funny.

Taurus Sun Sign

Love and Relationships

With their own brand of earthy charm and humor, Taureans can be incredibly sociable and entertaining. This, however, sometimes gives the wrong impression in the dating game. Their dislike of being pushed or pressured definitely extends to their love life. Their sensual appetite means that they are perfectly capable of having flings like everyone else, but they are probably the least likely sign to enter into a committed relationship in haste. Their top must-have is safety, and the slightest hint of insincerity or behavior that makes them feel uncomfortable is enough to prompt a huge step back.

Once in love, Taureans make for rock-solid and loyal partners. They tend to live and let live rather than find fault, they have a long fuse, and they value the relaxation, loving sex, and companionship of genuine attachment. The flip side of the coin is that they can endure discontent for a long time and, just as they are slow to commit, they are also slow to leave. This earth sign finds it hard to climb out of ruts, often preferring familiarity, financial security, and their creature comforts to the lure of new adventures.


With their innate persistence and pragmatic streak, Taureans can turn their hands to pretty much anything when it comes to bringing home the bacon. Being connoisseurs of comfort, security, and retail therapy, they dislike constantly having to make ends meet. They would rather slog away at something menial than be broke, but there is always the danger of creating and staying in that legendary Taurus rut as a result.

Together, the sign of Taurus and ruling planet Venus govern money, produce, women, and beauty. Job satisfaction is, ultimately, important for this sign and is often discovered through a connection with nature. Taureans do not mind getting their hands dirty, and here we find them in the farming and food industries, from the land workers who grow the crops to the chef who serves up gourmet meals. Pottery and floristry are also part of the picture of working with the earth and producing objects of art and beauty. Many Taureans have a keen interest in fashion, too, and are talented artists with a sensual feel for fabrics and designs. The financial sectors, such as banking and accountancy, are also traditional Taurus roles. 

With the Taurus rulership of the throat, many Taureans are drawn to the music industry. In particular, this sign tends to produce distinctive singers, as exemplified by Barbara Streisand (b. April 24, 1942), Willie Nelson (b. April 29, 1933), Joe Cocker (b. May 20, 1944), Roy Orbison (b. 23 April, 1936) and Adele (b. May 5, 1988), to name but a few. 


Those born under the sign of the Bull tend to be hardy creatures, often blessed with a strong, stocky physique. They usually enjoy robust health and seem to escape the endless list of minor ailments to which others are prone. Their stamina levels tend to be higher than average, or they are simply good at pacing themselves. What may come across as laziness is often a type of built-in physical regulator, allowing them to meet the physical demands on their body by expending the minimum amount of energy required.

When their immune system does let them down, it comes as no surprise to learn that this sign is susceptible to sore throats, tonsillitis, laryngitis, swollen glands, or problems related to the vocal chords or thyroid. This sign also rules the gums and the middle ear. Weight is the other issue. As the sign of the senses, they are often comfort eaters and can pile on the pounds at a rate of knots.


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