Signs that your Guardian Angel is with you

Guardian Angels regularly reach out to us with loving guidance and support, especially in times of need, but our days are so busy it’s easy to miss their signs or not hear what they're saying. Leading angel expert Jacky Newcomb believes we can learn to tune into our Guardian Angels and connect with their healing energies and powers.

 Do you know your Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels don’t all work in the same way. They seem to adapt their approach according to their personality or ours. Some angels are more hands-on than others. They like to make it clear that they are with us. Some are gentle and prefer to stand back and wait to be invited in. Most angels use signs to show that they are with us. It’s hard for them to manifest fully into our dimension. Their world is so different from ours. Our human eyes find it almost impossible to see them, so they use other tricks! Here are some of them:

A white feather

In your time of need, your Guardian Angel may bring a white feather as a gift to let you know that she is around. The white feather is a classic sign, which says, “We are here for you, we are supporting you; you are not alone.” You’ll probably find your white feather in an unexpected place, or it will appear in a place where no feather existed just moments before. A feather is a safe and gentle way for your angels to show you they are with you. This is one of the most common of all the angel signs.

Angel music

It’s rare but if you’re very lucky, you may hear the sound of the celestial choir. Angel music sounds as if a million angels are singing in harmony, accompanied by an orchestra of harps. The angelic choir is said to be praising God, the Creator Being, and is one of the most memorable ways in which angels can communicate with us.

Small gifts

Some angels leave small coins (pennies from heaven), crystals, or pebbles as presents. These seemingly insignificant tokens can mean a lot if you are looking for a keepsake. It can be nice to own something tangible that you can keep in a special place as a reminder that your Guardian Angel is a real being.

Media signs

After asking your angel for help, your sign might come in a surprising way. You might be flicking through a book or magazine and come across an article or paragraph that contains the information you are seeking. You could change the television channel and a news reporter will be discussing the very thing you are interested in, or perhaps you overhear a conversation between strangers. Be alert after asking for help—your angels will guide the information to you. 


What a fun way for angels to reach out to us! We all experience coincidences from time to time, those moments when unexpected things come together in the perfect way. Know that coincidences are just another way of your angel bringing you a sign.


When angels are around, many people notice an accompanying fragrance. The most common is the smell of flowers, especially roses. If you are with other people, an extraordinary phenomenon may occur. Half of those present may notice the overwhelming smell while the other half notice nothing at all. The smell will suddenly fill the air and then disappear without warning, as quickly as it arrived. Other common scents include vanilla and a recognizable odor of perfume or aftershave. This means that the angel is accompanying a deceased loved one. The scent is a beautiful reminder of a loving human soul. Feel honored by this gift.


Angels do physically touch people, but it’s usually quite subtle. However, there is no mistaking that comforting (and invisible) hand upon your shoulder or an angelic hand clasping yours. You may feel a tingling sensation or a sense of being away from the pain or fear for a moment or two. The air around you may change or time may seem to stand still while the experience takes place.


Angels are quite capable of switching your television channel for a good reason or arranging for you to notice a special tune on the radio. Be alert to contact via answering machines, mobile phones, text messages, and so on. Angels are ingenious and great at manipulating electronics in our modern world!

Shapes and forms

Some people see angels, or wings, in all sorts of everyday situations. You might notice a beautiful feather shape streaking across a cloudy sky, or the flame on your candle flicker and create the striking shape of angel wings. People see angels in bubbles, food, and many other things. Perhaps your angel sign will appear in this way. Watch out for rainbows as signs or a sudden beam of light illuminating something important.

Sleep contact

Many of my own angel experiences occur when I’m fast asleep. My body may be resting but my mind is totally aware of what is happening. My angels appear during this time because this is when I find it easier to work through problems with them. They don’t usually look like angels when I see them, though. Often it’s only when I awake that I realize I’ve been communing with the angels!

do you know your guardian angel


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