Our Week Ahead Tarot Reading

At the start of this week, we were curious to know about what lies ahead, so, we turned to The Art of Tarot to guide us through our own Week Ahead Spread to see what’s in store for us on the MindfulnessETC team...


the art of tarot justice

Significator Card: VIII Justice

This significator card is laid first and foretells the flavour of the whole week. The Justice card indicates a week of resolution, balance and fairness.


the art of tarot the tower

Monday: XVI The Tower

The Tower can be seen as a ‘bad’ card and can be interpreted as the collapse of an idea, lifestyle or dream. But the destructive influence of The Tower will certainly not last forever, and with it comes change and insight.


the art of tarot 2 of swords

Tuesday: Two of Swords

Negotiations and balance appear again on Tuesday with the Two of Swords. It is important to remember fairness and reason for a successful outcome.


the art of tarot the devil

Wednesday: XV The Devil

Another ‘bad’ card for Wednesday, it appears our week has not started out well! The Devil can signify struggle, manipulation and potential. We have been warned not to give into temptation today.


the art of tarot the ace of cups

Thursday: Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is the ultimate symbol of fertility and expresses vital emotional events. Not surprising after the week we’ve been having! Today is also a day to be creative, as this card also symbolizes creativity, spiritual interests and artistic pursuits.


the art of tarot the chariot

Friday: VII The Chariot

Our week is looking up! The Chariot card represents travel, progress, success and determination. It looks like our troublesome negotiations of the week have paid off!


the art of tarot temperance

Saturday: XIV Temperance

Once again this week is all about balance. Temperance suggests a harmonious equilibrium is possible, as long as we pay attention to detail. Temperance can also represent fluidity, growth, finances, compromise and reconciliation.


the art of tarot the three of swords 

Sunday: Three of Swords

The Three of Swords spells out heartbreak and loss. There is no way we can avoid this situation but only hope to learn from the experience.


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This reading has been done using The Art of Tarot deck and book by Liz Dean. SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave


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