Mermaids and Dolphins: The Magical Magnetic Pole Star Spread

Mermaids and Dolphins, the brand new deck of oracle cards by clairvoyant and best-selling author Gillian Kemp, incorporates the magical imagery of the mermaid and dolphin. These archetypes of mystery and healing help the reader in their quest to divine their future, their desires and their true self. Here is one of the many ways Gillian suggests to lay the cards...

The Magical Magnetic Pole Star spread will answer any question that you ask about your future. Follow the star and you will find your destination. Card 7 reveals the ultimate answer. The other six cards represent the past, present, and future horizon leading to the seventh card. Just as a ship’s compass always points towards the magnetic North or South Pole, according to whether the ship is north or south of the equator, Card 7 reveals the final outcome to your question.

Shuffle the 52 cards while concentrating on your question. Evenly spread the pack, face down in a row or arc, so that each card has an equal chance of being chosen. With your question in mind, select the seven cards that you feel drawn to. Place each card face down in the order in which you picked it. Scoop up the remaining pack and place it to one side. Turn the chosen cards face up.


Mermaids and Dolphins


Card 1 stands for the past that created the present condition. (PAST)

Card 2 represents the present that has resulted from Card 1. (PRESENT)

Card 3 predicts the immediate future resulting from the combined past and present. (IMMEDIATE FUTURE)

Card 4 shows the best course of action to take.

Card 5 depicts the influences surrounding your question.

Card 6 shows the nature of the forces you are dealing with.

Card 7 reveals the answer to your question resulting from the previous six cards. (ANSWER)


This extract is from Mermaids and Dolphins by Gillian Kemp.


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