How to navigate your day with the Moon in Sagittarius

Discover the meaning of the sign of the Moon to help you navigate your day and make the most of you time. Today, May 11th 2017, the Moon is in Sagittarius so we are sharing with you an extract from Heather Roan Robbins' book, Moon Wisdom, to give you an insight into the mood of the day, what to expect and things that you could do. Are you feeling light-hearted and adventurous?

The mood under a Sagittarius Moon

Honest, disarmingly tactless, spontaneous, outdoorsy, philosophical, playful, international, freedom-loving, and generally optimistic. It’s time to drop the attitude and get real. We have a sudden allergy to lies, exaggerations, distortions of the truth, but may not agree with one another on what the truth actually means. We’re willing to confront new ideas, and tell you what we think of them directly, but we don’t really want to argue. Sagittarius is the sign of the traveler and we want to travel in mind, body, or spirit, to explore some corner or concept we have yet to see.

The Moon in Sagittarius


If you’re single, get out there, engage the world, and see what sparks. If in a relationship, find a comfortable way to explore the world together. Take a hike, go to a foreign movie, enjoy world beat music, eat exotic food. Let the conversation range far and wide. Talk over the touchy points of your relationship with a light but honest touch. Enjoy being physical together—break sweat as you dance or play racquetball. Wrestle and have a pillow fight, just keep your sense of humor. Cheerfully wave while your loved one sails away and greet him when he returns.

Advice from Kahlil Gibran: “Let there be spaces in your togetherness, and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”


Visualize a favorite place outdoors, whether that’s a floral garden or rough seacoast—a place that makes you feel joyfully connected to the natural world. Notice the ground, sounds, smells, and the quality of the wind. Look around and see if there is a special treat or teaching waiting for you here. Notice how this place feels to your body and anchor the memory. Let your mind come back to this place often and easily when you need a taste of this Sagittarian expansiveness.

Sagittarius Symbol

Sagittarius Symbol - The mutable fire sign signifying restless, cheerful, ruthless honesty is symbolized by a centaur, a being that is half human and half horse. The centaur connects humans with the nonhuman world and can run far and fast over the plains.

Sagittarius Symbol

Things to do

Break routine and take exercise—travel down a street you don’t normally take, stop at an unusual coffeehouse, talk to someone whose perspective stretches your own, hike, talk to strangers, visit a dog park, whether or not you have a dog. Take your own transport to the party, because you’ll want the freedom to stay or go as you please.

Check in with international contacts and politics. This is a good time to investigate new contacts or sources, reach out to new clients, make cold calls, or pitch a fresh idea to people with open minds. You will be able to show them how this idea has the potential to expand their horizons. Get people talking and they will tell you their secrets. Explore the joys and responsibilities of being a global citizen and support the rights and obligations of free speech. Make travel arrangements. Tease a friend and use playfulness to open the flow of communication. Reach across cultural boundaries. Find an open, frank, but unbarbed way of speaking a difficult truth. Move the body, dance, run, bicycle, feel the life force flowing.


Harvest wild herbs and root vegetables. Cultivate the soil. Meander through other gardens and gather ideas. Find any good excuse to be outside. 

What to watch out for moon in sagittarius

To explore Moon signs and cycles further, check out Heather Roan Robbins' Moon Wisdom


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