How to create a tourmaline medicine wheel

Tourmaline is a key crystal to have for making crystal grids. It is used for purification and protection as well as being an excellent crystal for meditation and healing. Try this tourmaline crystal grid somewhere in your home to get rid of any negative energy and replace it with positive feelings of protection and purification.Crystal Grids

1 SELECT ONE VERY SPECIAL TOURMALINE CRYSTAL TO REPRESENT YOU OR WHAT IT IS YOU WANT TO PROTECT, such as your home when you’re at work, or your car or your family. This is the focus stone. Select eight others to be part of the crystal grid so you have a total of nine tourmaline crystals. Nine is the number of universal love, the laws of karma and destiny.

2 NOW YOU WILL NEED TO IDENTIFY YOUR DIRECTIONS. You can either take a compass to mark the cardinal directions or you can simply say to yourself that you are creating a map, a representation, and in this case north is always at the top of the map.

As you place the focus stone on the floor or a flat surface, think about its meaning, what or whom it represents, the purpose of the grid as a whole, and your intent. Take as much time as you need. Then create the medicine wheel around the focus stone as follows:

3 FIRST, SET A STONE TO THE NORTH, which represents the gods, or things that are out of your control. As you set this tourmaline crystal, ask whatever power or spirit you believe is represented by the north to protect you (or the focus of the crystal grid).

4 NEXT, PLACE A STONE TO THE WEST, representing the physical world, which is often to do with money, careers, and finance, and ask whatever is there for you to protect you. If you believe you have one guardian angel or guide, ask him or her for support for every direction, but if you believe that different spirits or angels or deities look after different aspects of your life, call on those essences. Call on the spirit of the direction to help protect the focus of the crystal grid as you add each crystal to it.

5 THEN PLACE A STONE IN THE SOUTH, connecting to everything that is nurturing. For many people that’s to do with home, family, and loved ones. Again, ask for help from your guardian spirit who resides in the south.

6 BEFORE YOU PLACE THE CRYSTAL IN THE EAST, fill in the gaps in the wheel with four of the remaining tourmaline crystals—northeast, northwest, southwest, southeast—so that when you place the ninth tourmaline crystal in the east, which is the gateway to the mind, the psychological, psychic, and spiritual worlds, you are closing the circle, completing the crystal grid, and empowering the situation, place, or people you want to protect.


To learn how to make more crystal grids, check out The Book of Crystal Grids by Philip Permutt.


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