How does the full moon affect your mood?

With tomorrow's full moon on its way and energies racing high, we turn to astrologer and moon wisdom expert, Heather Roan Robbins, to find out more. 

How does the full moon affect our mood? What feelings should we be aware of under the full moon? And what advice does Heather give for our actions during the full moon and in the following few days after? 

Moon Phases illustration

Full Moon

14–17 days after the New Moon

Sun and Moon opposition

The Full Moon brings a culmination of energy and celebrates a high tide. Emotions are running high and our unconscious can run the show. If we’ve been acknowledging and integrating our feelings all month long, we’ll get a swell of harmonious energy but no big surprises. If we’ve been suppressing how we feel or not honoring our inner nature, that awareness can rip through us now. With this extra swell of emotional energy it’s a powerful time to perform or make a presentation that really grabs our hearts. It can be a dramatic, tricky but successful time to make a statement or go to court because we move into adversarial positions so easily. For the same reason, it’s not a good time for a wedding or to sign on a business partnership. 

Full Moon

To take care of ourselves under the Full Moon, we should acknowledge inconvenient feelings or ideas. What part of us now needs to be expressed? Do we need to dance the night away or sing in the shower? Go for it. But if we’re really ticked off at work, let’s tell journal or friend what we’d really like to say to the boss, but wait a few days to consider and act wisely on this impulse. Acknowledge feelings and they won’t just rip out and create surprises.

Disseminating Gibbous Moon

18–21 days after the New Moon

Sun and Moon sesqui-quadrate

Tensions soften, but again we’re distracted. Kids, friends, dogs can clamor for attention and remind us to keep our lives whole and balanced. We may notice a let-down in energy, as if we are crashing from too many espressos. Our bodies may feel stressed and appreciate a hot bath or massage. 

Waning Gibbous Moon

Our Full Moon Disseminating Gibbous Moon crops are ripening, and we begin to see the result of our efforts in this month’s cycle, the product of both our intention and whatever other agenda the universe had waiting for us. We are also reminded of ongoing responsibilities that we may have ignored recently. Consciously follow on the main projects, and assume the distractions or irritations have a purpose. They’re here to stretch us, train us, and help us sort irrelevant distractions from important side lessons.

For more information about the moon's cycle and it's effect on our mood and motivation, check out Heather's book Moon Wisdom. 

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