7 Crystal Elixirs to make at home

crystal elixirs


A crystal elixir is, literally, crystal water – a way of taking the energies of crystals directly into your body, which can be very beneficial.

Most crystal elixirs can be drunk, just as a glass of water, or applied topically to the skin. Not all crystals make safe elixirs, so do take care when choosing a crystal for an elixir. All you need to make an elixir is your chosen crystal, a bowl or glass and some fresh water.

How to Make a Crystal Elixir

1. Focusing your intent on the purpose of the elixir, cleanse your crystal. Cleanse it under running water. As you cleanse, think about the benefits you would like from the elixir.

2. Next, place the crystal in a container of water. Ideally, use distilled water or water from a pure source, such as spring water, but you can still use tap water if you don’t have any other alternatives. Cover the container and leave it overnight in the refrigerator. Some people like to enhance elixirs in sunlight or moonlight, or by surrounding them with quartz crystals.

3. Drink the elixir or apply topically over the next 24 hours. Discard any leftover elixir after this period of time.

Crystal Elixirs to Try


aragonite crystal

Drinking an elixir of aragonite can help soothe aching muscles.


amber crystal

Bathe minor cuts and grazes with an elixir of amber or carnelian, which act as a mild antiseptic.


pink opal crystal

Pink opal elixir helps with mental unrest, restoring a sense of peace and calm.


rose quartz crystal

Rose quartz elixir, applied to the skin as a tonic, can freshen up a tired, dull complexion.


blue lace agate crystal

Soothe tired eyes by bathing them in an elixir of blue lace agate.


moonstone crystal

For shiny hair, after washing, rinse with an elixir of moonstone or jade, and massage into the scalp.


grey hematite crystal

A hematite elixir, applied directly to the skin, can help to soothe the discomfort of sunburn.


CAUTION: Not all crystals are suitable for elixirs. Of the crystals included in this book, do not use halite, crocoite, vanadinite, fuchsite or erythrite; and do not make an elixir of meteorite if it is a chondrite or an achondrite. If you are in doubt, consult your crystal healer.


To find out more ways to harness the power of crystals, check out The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Tips and Cures by Philip Permutt.


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