8 crystals for work success

We all face tricky times at work. Whether you struggle from a lack of concentration, ambition or organization, or find it hard to build successful professional relationships; Philip Permutt offers a range of crystal remedies to help you succeed in the workplace. Take some time to explore the difficulties you’re currently facing at work, and then determine which crystal might be helpful for you from the list below. 

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Tourmaline for mental blocks, new challenges and teamwork

For those times when you feel blocked and nothing comes to mind, try tourmaline to let your thoughts flow freely so that you can more creatively problem solve at work. Tourmaline also helps you face new challenges giving you feelings of strength and courage. It will open your mind to the positive benefits of the test, helping you see the way forward. For these reasons, tourmaline can help with your negotiating skills and teamwork too.

Tourmaline crustals

Common Opal for a good work atmosphere

Renowned for creating a better work environment, common opal is a great crystal to have around you while working in your home office and study areas or, on to have your work desk.

 Common opal crystal

Staurolite for time management 

Staurolite helps you to organize your time effectively so that you can perform your job at your best.

Staurolite Crystal


Schalenblende for better communication 

Schalenblende helps to resolve arguments and get people who won’t talk to each other communicating again. It is useful in business, improving relationships with colleagues, superiors, and others whom you come into contact with.

Schalenblende crystal

Fluorite for good focus

Fluorite can help bring order out of chaos. Hold fluorite for 10-20minutes, focusing your thoughts on the crystal, and you will find any mental confusion has disappeared, allowing you to focus more clearly on your work.

Fluorite crystals

Sapphire for ambition

Sapphire helps you find balance in your ambitions. It brings realism to the over-ambitious and adds drive and direction where needed.

Sapphire crystal

Rainforest rhyolite for procrastination

Rainforest rhyolite allows you to recognize and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from doing something.

Rainforest rhylite crystal

Lapis lazuli for organization

Lapis Lazuli aids organizational skills and pairs well with pyrite to promote good leadership.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal


If you are finding a lack of confidence holds you back at work, then try these 3 crystals for confidence or if you think your work struggles might be stress-related then these 6 crystals to de-stress before bed might help. 

Alternatively, check out Philip Permutt's books—The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Healing or The Crystal Healerto learn more about crystal healing.



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