Goddess Rose Milk Bath Soak

This bath soak is super-luxurious and a wonderful way to give yourself and your skin a goddess-like treat. The scent of roses has long been used for its natural calming effect and for centuries women have known the benefits of bathing in milk for silky, soft skin. If it’s good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for us! Milk contains fats and proteins that are absorbed by the skin as you bathe, keeping it well hydrated and moisturized. The rose petals aren’t essential but they make your bath look really pretty. Dim the lights and get the candles out, too. You’re welcome!


250 g/2 cups organic full-fat milk powder

60 ml/. cup pure rosewater

3 drops rose essential oil

a handful of rose petals (optional)

Makes enough for one bath

Use immediately

(For normal to dry skin)


Run a full, hot bath, add the milk powder, rosewater and rose essential oil, and swirl the water around to dissolve the milk powder and mix everything well. Lastly, sprinkle a handful of rose petals onto the water (if using) and step into a bath made in the heavens. Relax in the bath for a good 20–30 minutes before it becomes too cool.


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