Sarah Wilkinson

Sarah Wilkinson creates seasonal, organic and energetically empowered recipes to fuel your body, mind and spirit. We interviewed her to find out more about conscious eating and supporting the chakras, and to find out what inspires and motivates her in daily spiritual practices.

Sarah Wilkinson


Can you tell us a little bit more about The Chakra Kitchen

The Chakra Kitchen was created out of my original food business Chakra Cakes, which was launched in 2012. The concept and resulting recipe book came about from catering at various MBS events, where I would experiment with both sweet and savoury seasonal organic and plant-based, refined sugar-free foods. The book is divided into seasons and each recipe is colour coded according to the chakras it supports for easy reference.

“Eating the Rainbow” is quite a trendy concept these days, my book explains the benefits of this through the chakra system. I encourage people to also work with crystal energy in food preparation and to use organic/biodynamic foods wherever possible.


For the uninitiated, what do you tell people when introducing them to the benefits of eating foods to support their chakras?

I explain that food is fuel = energy. We are made up of energy too and the chakra system is a series of gateways or portals on the body, where fresh energy can be drawn in and old stagnant energy can be removed for optimal health. Essentially the denser and the earthier the foods, the more the lower chakras will benefit as these are the most physical. It is essential that when doing spiritual work or even just becoming conscious of our spiritual essence/nature that we nourish these daily, otherwise, unless we are of advanced yogic practice, we will easily get ungrounded and physically, emotionally and psychically ill.

A really basic way to look at it is through the digestive system – we know biochemically that the body requires fibre rich and soluble foods for good gut health and excretion, it needs a good variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Looking at this through the chakra system the same applies, but not just so we function well physically, but also emotionally and spiritually - the chakras take us one or two steps further on the path to optimal health. This is the holistic way of working with food.

Of course one can also include the meridians and elements in this and look at Chinese and ayurvedic constitutions and blood type for a more complete understanding of the self. When I work with my female clients I always use the chakras as the blueprint/basis of the work, but will then secondarily also consider these other bodily energetic channels and biochemical components as well for a better overall picture. If someone has a physical disease then I would be stricter in my food recommendations to them as the PH of the body often needs addressing and stabilising for healing to take place.

Full of beans salad Sarah Wilkinson

What is conscious eating?

Conscious eating as a term simply means taking time to select your food, choosing local, organic/biodynamic foods where possible so that you are taking into account the environment and earth first and foremost. Freshness is key to the amount of energy that food is likely to provide you – the more life-force the better, so don’t be too tempted by cheap past sell by date items as you won’t benefit in the same way and after all food is here to nourish us, not hinder us of course.

When preparing food, take time and make a ritual of it, work with crystals as I suggest in the book for added energetic support and be intuitive, even with my recipes, I love it when people tweak and add something here and there according to their mood and bodily intuitive needs. That is what the joy of cooking is about, experimentation and making your own energetic impression on your creations. For example, these days I add pomegranate and and radish to my Full of Beans Salad (p 59) for added depth and colour variety. If you prepare food in a joyful and fun way like this, then each time you come to the kitchen it will become like your adult playground, which is brilliant for all the chakras. Complete the ritual by taking time to sit and eat with your loved ones, giving thanks for the food, the producers etc, blessing like this cannot be underestimated and of course is an age old tradition.


What are your goals and intentions as a writer?

To inspire and encourage my readers to enjoy and live life to the full, respecting the earth and its nourishing gifts. I believe that every plant has a medicinal purpose, especially the alkaline and ancient varieties. Food selection, preparation and consumption should be a pleasurable and ritualistic experience for the whole family and can be a very healing part of everyday life.


Can you tell me a little about your background?

I grew up as an only child in the countryside with rabbits and cats as pets and was educated at school in Oxford. I was always fascinated by astrology and otherworldly things and happy spending time by myself. I studied Classical Studies and History of Art & Architecture at Reading and later an MA in History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London. Until 2012 my career was spent working in museums, galleries, bookshops and Oxford University. I began exploring more formal studies into energy healing during 2011.

Raw Lasagne by Sarah Wilkinson

Who inspires you?

Heart centred, authentic and creative women who are in their true seat of power.


Do you have a daily spiritual practice?

Each day I do an energy medicine routine in the morning and tend to bath in magnesium salts. Sometimes I will spend time on my mat doing yoga or pulling cards for the day ahead. My dog walks turn into meditations often and the picking of wild flowers, plants or fruits depending on the seasons. Preparing food of course for me is a spiritual practice, sometimes even cleaning can be depending on my mood! On the whole I now lead each day in the flow of practice, each encounter is seen through these eyes and a blessing.


What is your idea of happiness? 

Waking up each day always feeling excited and grateful to be alive, in quiet and calm expectation of what will unfold in the ebb and flow of the day, without judgement or hope, just surrender and trust that all will be well. To give and receive unconditional love to all God’s creatures and to the Earth.


What empowers you in your daily work and life? 

My faith and knowing that I have a divine purpose to fulfil here and that even if I seemingly help only one person, plant or animal that day, actually I am helping many. What can’t be seen or heard is the alchemy and beauty of life.


What is your next project?

More books will follow, but for now I am focussing on launching my new YouTube channel interviewing inspiring women and increasing my offering to the world.


Is there anything you would say to your readers? 

Believe in your power, invest in your health and do whatever it takes to live out your wildest dreams. Live to love.


Find out more about The Chakra Kitchen or buy a copy below.