Live Well Gift Guide

Give someone a gift that lasts longer than the Holiday season this year with these gifts for living well. We've rounded up some of our favorite ideas for unique gifts to help you start 2018 happy, healthy and relaxed...


Gifts to be happy

Put a smile on someone's face that will last longer than Christmas Day with these gifts to be happy.

We know it can be hard to stay positive when we often hear of bad news and that's why we absolutely love The Happy Newspaper, full of positive news to make you smile! We think a yearly subscription would be such a lovely gift this year, teamed with one of our books on happiness so they have something to unwrap on Christmas Day.

The Happy News   The Happy News


A Year of Living Happily   Pocket book of happiness

Read more about A Year of Living Happily and The Little Pocket Book of Happiness.

We also love these mantra necklaces for happiness and optimism from Mantra Jewellery so someone special can carry a positive message with them all day.

Mantra Jewellery

Gifts to feel good

Start 2018 feeling great with these gifts to feel good...

For the yoga lover

Whether you know someone who would like to start yoga, or is already a seasoned yogi, we did some searching to find some gifts we think they'll love!

For a beginner, why not kit them out with the essentials. Live Sankalpa has a variety of gorgeous yoga mats in all kinds patterns and colours to match your yogi's personality and The Yoga Healer by Christine Burke is a great comprehensive guide to learning basic yoga positions and sequences.


The yoga healer  

Read more about The Yoga Healer.

Or, for someone who already has everything they could need yoga wise, treat them to a post yoga kit from Saje, with lotions and oils to let the calm of yoga practice carry on throughout their day.

saje post yoga kit

For the healthy eater

A good recipe books is always a great gift for a foodie, and The New Nourishing by Leah Vanderveldt is full of healthy and nutritional vegetarian and vegan recipes. A perfect start to help you eat well in the New Year.

We also like these colourful H2O Fruit Infusion Water Bottles as practical gift that anyone trying to eat and live well, can use everyday.

The New Nourishing   

Read more about The New Nourishing.


For rest and relaxation

Having some me time is essential for living well and feeling good. We all know someone that could use a little more rest and relaxation, so why not send them a Be Kind to Yourself gift box from Friend in a Box. We love these little boxes, as you can have them sent straight to your special someone and popped through their letter box which makes them perfect presents for long distance friends or people you won't see over the holidays.

We also love this Sleep Well Kit from Saje, with with four products formulated with calming lavender to help soothe a busy mind and get a good night's rest.


friend in a box   


Gifts to be mindful

Here at MindfulnessETC we know that everyone is different and so we have a great range of mindfulness books to suit everyone's individual preferences for how they practice mindfulness.

For someone who loves to craft, Origami for Mindfulness is the perfect gift, with 35 mindful origami projects complete with patterned paper. For someone who is just starting their mindfulness journey, A Year of Living Mindfully is a great way to get motivated for the new year. And for someone who is always on the go, why not pop a copy of The Little Pocket Book of Meditation into their stocking, so they can practice wherever they are.

For a really special gift, we love these Mala Beads from Blooming Lotus Jewellery where you can choose from a range of beautiful necklaces, bracelets and more.




 Gifts to connect

From crystal healing, to tarot reading, there are lots of ways to reconnect to yourself and the world around you and a present to help someone find or embrace this connection is an extra special Christmas gift.

Connect with crystals

Give someone the power of crystal energies this Christmas with one of our comprehensive crystal guide books. You could even pair it with a crystal that means something to them. Personally, we love these rose quartz crystal hearts from Rose and Rabbit Designs, and as rose quartz is often used for attracting and keeping love, it makes a perfect gift for someone special.


Read more about The Pocket Book of Crystal Healing and The Book of Crystal Grids.


Connect with tarot

Perfect for beginners, all of our tarot collections come with step-by-step booklets and full sets of cards, to help you learn the art of tarot. In it's handy box and with a variety of beautifully illustrated designs to choose from they make a great little Christmas gift.



Read more about The Golden Tarot, The Art of Tarot and Oceanic Tarot.


Connect with nature

For the person who has everything, we have the perfect gift. When you Gift a Tree with the National Forest you will give someone the opportunity to give back and help create a greener, healthier world. With your tree, you will get a certificate and the opportunity to go and plant the tree yourself. Pop your certificate inside a copy of our beautiful book, Be More Tree so they have something to unwrap and keep to remind them of this special present.

Read more about Be More Tree.


From planting roots, to star gazing, with think that any astrology lover will love to learn how to unlock the secrets of the signs and planets with Be Your Own Astrologer. 

Or, for someone very special, we love these personalized map of the stars prints from Bookishly on Not on the Highstreet, with a star chat that maps where the stars, planets and moons were situated at a special moment of your choosing.


Read more about Be Your Own Astrologer.


As a special, early Christmas treat, you can get 20% off any of the books mentioned in this blog when you order on MindfulnessETC before the 22nd December.

Just use the code GIFTS20 at the checkout - happy holidays!

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  • Beautiful gift guide. Thank you so much for including our rose quartz hearts!

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