How to live a 'lagom' lifestyle this Autumn

Lagom is a quintessentially Scandinavian concept meaning “not too much, not too little, but just about right.” Lagom signifies value as well as quantity. The philosophy of “just right” translates into moderation, sense of balance and togetherness. So how can you live more lagom this Autumn?

 The Lagom Life

How to find your lagom happiness

The Lagom Life

Plant some seeds, nurture them, and watch them grow to give you a lasting sense of purpose. “Gardener’s Delight” is an easy cherry tomato that you can grow either indoors or out. French radishes are usually foolproof and give you an early spring harvest. For flowers, not much can beat Nicotiana. Easy to grow, it has the most amazing scent from flowers that open at dusk.

Make time for those things that help you to feel balanced instead of worrying about what you think you should be doing to make you happier. Activities such as baking, making something decorative for the house, or getting outdoors more regularly could be the answer.

How to find your lagom time

The Lagom Life

Reduce the amount of activities you plan during the week and weekend. Try to leave one day free per weekend. That is when you can find your lagom time and allow yourself to be spontaneous and spend quality time with your family.

If you can’t leave the office at 5.30, try leaving a little earlier than you usually do to see how that affects your day. If you know that you have to leave at a fixed time, you will be more efficient.

Being well rested is also key to being efficient and experiencing fewer feelings of stress. Try to go to bed in good time and get up a little earlier than usual. Having an extra 30 minutes in the morning instead of rushing can give you a feeling of owning more of your day—a small gesture of self-empowerment. If it’s still dark, make the extra time special by lighting a candle and having tea in a favorite mug.


How to bring lagom into your home

The Lagom Life

Scale back your possessions. Remove one thing from each room every week for a few months and notice how your energy lifts. By having less stuff, you will have more time to live your life in the way you want to. Harmony and balance is very lagom. If you add an item, make it something that is not only beautiful but also functional and well made

Bring the outside in. Focus on natural and sustainable materials, such as wood, wool, and metal, and introduce plants here and there. Ask people for cuttings, and share if you have some. Collect twigs, acorns, driftwood, stones from the beach to anchor you in nature.


How to be lagom about your body

The Lagom Life

Be more relaxed about a fitness routine and don’t overdo it. There is a time to rest, to work, and to move. Find way a way to exercise that adds value to your life. Take a solo run to clear your head or go with an organized group to be sociable.

Be lagom about searching for balance. Accept that there will always be imbalance in your life. Some days you work more and that is what you do on that day. Some days you have time to work out. Try not to compartmentalize every hour of your life. Go with the flow.

Keep things simple. Use natural beauty products in moderation. As far as skin is concerned, easy does it—good food, relaxation, and fresh air usually take care of the rest.


For more inspiration, projects and bakes, check out The Lagom Life by Elisabeth Carlsson.


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