How grateful is your attitude?

Take the Gratitude Quiz below and discover areas where you could increase your gratitude and appreciation to help you lead a happier life

There is much more to gratitude than giving, receiving, and saying thank you. It is a subtly positive way to gradually transform not only your world, but also the world of those around you—and, beyond that, the world we all live in. Gratitude can make great things happen because it has the capacity to open our hearts and show us the art of possibility. Feeling thankful is not always easy, but it offers a pathway to acceptance, in all its forms.

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Whole-hearted gratitude is an uplifting, expansive, and positive way of being that leads to appreciation and times of fun and laughter. Sharing, caring, and togetherness are some of the essentials of being human. Feeling thankful makes us want to give back—to those who have helped us, cared for us, who love us—or who quite simply make us happy.

This quiz is taken from The Power of Gratitude by Lois Blyth and it is designed to help you acknowledge areas of your life where you could increase your gratitude or appreciation. 


For ideas on how to be more grateful in order to lead a happier and more fulfilled life, check out The Power of Gratitude by Lois Blyth

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