7 things you didn't know about kindness

Kindness is not a place or a thing—although places can have a special niche in our memory, and things may be gifts of kindness. Kindness can exist only when one person chooses to act with heart toward another. It is such a gentle and quiet quality and yet it is the stuff that glues humankind together.

Kindness from the soul

Lois Blyth, author of the new book The Little Pocket Book of Kindnessshares seven discoveries that she made when writing:

People find it hard to remember their own acts of kindness.

When it feels natural to give, people can no more remember being kind than they remember breathing. It is those who receive the kindness who remember the gift. 

Random acts of kindness are often the most memorable.

The unexpected kindness of a stranger can make us feel blessed and special.

Kindness is a feeling rather than an event.

Many people associate key life events with memories of people being kind, but may not be able to remember the detail of the kindness.

The most profound experiences of kindness take place when we are at our most vulnerable.

When we are in trouble, when we are traveling, or when we are ill or in distress.

Sometimes, to receive kindness means taking a risk.

The risk of making ourselves vulnerable, letting go of control, or putting our trust in a complete stranger in unfamiliar circumstances.

A kindness can lead to a bond of trust between people that transforms our perception of the world.

The smallest gesture can have the most profound power.


Learn how to become the best and kindest version of yourself with The Little Pocket Book of Kindness by Lois Blyth.

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