7 Mindful Moments for Busy Mothers

Being a mum, it can be almost impossible to find any time for yourself…that’s where Mindful Moments for Busy Mothers comes in! With a 5 minute mindful exercise for every day of the year, you can find a moment of calm in your busy days.

To set you off on your mindful journey, here are 7 simple exercises to try over the next week, that will hopefully allow you some peace and reflection no matter how hectic your day gets.


MONDAY - A Short and Sweet Simple Meditation

Meditation does not need to be mysterious, complicated, or time consuming. Set a timer for 5 minutes, and allow your eyes to close. Now count your breaths—begin counting “1” on the inhale, then “2” on the exhale, and so on, until you reach 10, and then start over again at 1. If your mind wanders away from counting your breath (which it will most likely do), just start over again at 1. You may start over 73 times in 5 minutes, and that’s okay. Just continue focusing on your breath until the timer goes off, and then see how you feel when you’re done!

TUESDAY - - Fab Five

The moment when everyone arrives home after school or after work can be a challenging time, so try implementing the “Fab Five.” For the first five minutes when everyone is reunited, the focus is simply on connecting: hugs and kisses, how are yous and I missed yous. There’s no opening the mail, rushing to make dinner, nagging about homework, checking email, or tidying the morning mess. There will be time for all that later; for the minutes of the “Fab Five,” it’s just about reconnecting with the ones you love.

WEDNESDAY – The First Moment of Your Day

If you can, don’t rush yourself out of bed this morning. A fussing child can wait for 30 seconds while you gently stretch. Feel the movement of your body, and consider your intention for the day. If you have a few more seconds, take a deep breath in, welcoming the strength and energy you will need for your day, and then breathe out while you imagine releasing worries and tension and anything else you don’t need today.

THURSDAY - Friendship

Reach out to a friend today. Listen to her stories and share your own. Offer  support and encouragement and nurture the relationships and connections that are important to you.

FRIDAY - I’ll Handle What Today Brings

When we get upset because things don’t go according to our plan, it’s often because we weren’t aware of our plan in the first place, and we didn’t recognize that we had an assumption that things would go our way. Notice what you’re expecting today, so you can skillfully meet the moments that don’t deliver. Today, if you start to feel upset or stressed by changing plans, repeat the mantra: “I’ll Handle What Today Brings” and remind yourself it's good to go with the flow!

SATURDAY - I Am Perfect as I Am

Mindfulness is not about self-improvement. In fact, the fundamental insight of mindfulness is that you already have everything you need, right now in this moment. Right now you can breathe, you can find the clarity to see things as they are, and you can cultivate the wisdom to respond skillfully to what is in front of you. Mindfulness practice is not about changing who you are or trying to be a “better mother”; it’s about learning to trust yourself as you find new ways to meet the challenges that arise each day. Repeat the mantra “I Am Perfect as I Am.”

SUNDAY - Everyday Self-Care

We must nurture ourselves if we are going to nurture our children each day. This means self-care should be as important a part of our day as brushing our teeth and eating healthy food. Self-care isn’t just adding in a few side dishes of massages and pedicures—it’s an essential ingredient that must be baked into our days. Find the things you can do every day that nourish you—a brief walk outside, a warm cup of tea, a good book before bed, a nap when your little one naps, a few minutes of meditation and try to do at least a couple of them today.


This blog has been extracted from Mindful Moments for Busy Mothers by Sarah Rudell Beach.

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