5 easy ways to show gratitude

Being kind and being grateful are two of life's easiest ways to feel happy and contented. Here we have an extract from The Little Pocket Book of Kindness showing you 5 easy ways to show gratitude to yourself and to others.


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Think back through your life—is there anyone who has shown you support and care whom you have forgotten to thank or acknowledge? Is there anyone in your life now who is always there for you, to the point where you take them for granted? When you consider the path that your education and your career have taken, who has helped you along the way? 

Say thank you for the small things.

Saying thank you, especially for the things we receive as a matter of routine, each and every day, is the easiest and kindest way of making someone feel loved and appreciated. 

Do something differently.

Memory expert Tony Buzan says that the mind tends to remember things that are different, not things that are the same. So if your routine is unchanged day to day, you will begin to become complacent, because you will no longer notice what you are doing. If you make the effort to do things differently occasionally, or swap responsibilities, or say thank you with a surprise gesture, it will stay in the mind for a long time and have a great impact.

Give before you get.

We don’t need a reason to show people we care about that we appreciate them. Be spontaneous and show someone how much you care before that person has done anything for you.

Walk a mile in another man’s shoes.

Experiencing the world from another person’s perspective is guaranteed to help us to understand that person better. Actions are what create understanding and appreciation.

Learn to accept, wholeheartedly.

There is a grace in acceptance and allowing someone else the joy of giving. If you focus on the motive behind the giving rather than the gift itself, you will always know how to say thank you.


Find out more about The Little Pocket Book of Kindness or The Power of Gratitude and learn how to be kinder and more grateful in your everyday life.


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