5 books we're looking forward to this Spring

We are really excited about our all the new books we have lined up for this year! And now copies are arriving into the MindfulnessETC offices, we thought we would share with you some of our favorites for Spring!


Mindfulness and Sleep by Anna Black

This is definitely a book we will be reading this Spring! We're sure everybody has trouble sleeping at some point in their lives, but with Anna Black's new book, you can learn how to use mindfulness to help you sleep well at night.

Mindfulness and Sleep



Mandalas and Meditations for Everyday Living by Cassandra Lorius

There is something mesmerizing and calming about a beautiful mandala, and with this book you will have an accessible introduction into the vibrant world of mandala visualization and meditation. With a gorgeous mandala for each week of the year, find one that suits you to help you meditate and find your spirituality.

Mandalas and Meditations



Mindful Beads by Alice Peck

Beads can be a tangible way of focusing the mind and connecting to our memories, hopes and dreams and we love the 20 projects in this book to make your own beaded necklaces and bracelets. Learn all about the meanings and symbolism of different types of beads and the mantras and meditations that go with them to make yourself a truly personal piece of mindful jewelry.

Mindful Beads



Natural Beauty Masks by Caroline Artiss

For anyone that is looking to be more mindful and natural in the products they use on their skin and body, you will love the recipes for homemade masks, scrubs and lotions in Natural Beauty Masks. With natural ingredients packed with vitamins, you can nourish your body from the outside in.

Natural Beauty Masks



I Am Unicorn by Kirsten Riddle

How could we not have this in our favorite 5 books for Spring?! We are totally embracing the unicorn spirit of magic, uniqueness and being generally awesome! This little pocket book is full of recipes, stories, spells and mantras to help you find your inner unicorn.

I am Unicorn


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