The Wiccan Guide to the Full Moon

As even an amateur Wiccan knows, the moon is very important when it comes to spells and magic. With the full moon tonight, we thought we’d share some wisdom from our new book The Green Wiccan Herbal by Silja, as well as a simple spell to make the most of this important phase of the moon.  So, over to Silja…


wiccan full moon

The moon is central in magic, and thus also in the growing of magical herbs. Sure, if you have green thumbs, your herbs will probably grow during any lunar phase, but if you plant and harvest your herbs during the correct lunar phase, you are likely to have more success and healthier, bigger plants—and that means more potent magic!

For us witches, the spiritual aspect of the moon is paramount, but there is also a  physical reason why you should pay attention to the moon phases when planting and harvesting—the gravity of the moon affects not only the tides, but also the water levels in soil. During a waning moon and especially just before the new moon, the earth’s water level is at its lowest, so planting and harvesting herbs at these times makes sense in that you avoid having to work with waterlogged soil.


The full moon is the best time to harvest plants and herbs above ground because magically, it is the time of completion, of things being perfected. Take note that flowering herbs should generally be harvested during the day, preferably in sunlight if at all possible. If you have to harvest your magical herbs at other times due to your work schedule, because they are getting too big, or it’s getting cold outside, consider waiting until the next full moon to “make them magical”, i.e., place them on your altar, transfer them into a magical oil, or put them into a charm bag.

 wiccan full moon


Called Esbats, full moon rituals are the traditional meeting day for covens. The moon's energy is at its strongest when it is full, favoring spells and magical rituals. In days gone by, there was also a more practical consideration— covens used to meet in forest clearings or on top of hills at night, and when there was not electrical light, the full moon helped to guide the way. The light of the full moon also helped the witches of old to see and harvest plants such as mistletoe. Mistletoe is traditionally gathered at night, as it is said to be more potent then, and the white berries are easy to see in the light of the moon. Also, because mistletoe is so magical, anyone seen gathering it would have been immediately suspected as a witch, Since witchcraft was considered a serious crime in the Dark Ages, it was best to harvest mistletoe at night, when other people were not likely to pass by.

You do not have to be part of a coven to celebrate the full moon—it serves as a reminder for any Wiccan to practice their spirituality and take a monthly break from the mundane world.


Herb and Crystal Full Moon Spell for Finding a Perfect Home

Spell Ingredients
✩ Red clover flower
✩ Clear quartz crystal
✩ Bay leaf
✩ White thread

On a full moon, place the red clover flower on the crystal and wrap them in the bay leaf. Secure the parcel with the white thread while chanting:

“I ask the Moon Goddess so round

A new home for me shall be found

Nice rooms, and clean ground

Happiness and comfort abound!”

Carry the parcel with you when talking to agents or viewing houses.


For more spells and rituals, check out The Green Wiccan Herbal by Silja.


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