Fire up your heart chakra

If you’re feeling like you need a bit of extra bravery and courage this week, it’s time to summon up your dragon heart!

Dragons are brave. Their courage is legendary. They are often portrayed as winged fiends in the West, but they do shy away from a battle. If it’s something they believe in, they will see it through come what may. This tenacious spirit, along with their honor, indicates one thing—a courageous and noble heart. You can develop this kind of attitude by giving your heart chakra a much-needed boost of dragon energy. For the following exercise to work, you must first activate the heart chakra, which is in the center of the chest.

 I Am Dragon

What to do

Lie down and make sure you are comfortable. Place both hands palm down on your chest. Breathe slowly and deeply until you feel relaxed. After a while, you should sense a soft warmth emanating from your chest into your hands.

Now imagine a pink rosebud beneath your fingers. Each time you exhale, the petals unfurl a little more, until the flower is fully open. In the center of the rose, there is a ball of dazzling red light. This is the energy center of your chakra.

Picture a friendly dragon spirit standing over you. He slowly lowers his head until it’s hovering above your heart chakra. You can feel waves of loving energy coming from this mythical beast, and you feel strong, relaxed, and balanced. The dragon may speak to you at this point, or simply stare into your eyes and transfer a message or some words of hope and encouragement. Slowly it opens its jaws and sends a stream of fiery energy directly into your heart. You should feel an instant burst of warmth and power as this energy disperses through your system.

At this point you might want to make a positive affirmation, such as, “My heart is infused with dragon power. I am strong and courageous. I stand up for what I believe in, and support what is good, honest, and true.”

I Am Dragon


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